Candis is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Professional Mediator experienced in High Conflict cases.She holds two Masters degrees, one in Counseling and one in Juvenile Forensic Psychology.

She is a experienced Counselor-Supervisor, Parent Coordinator and Facilitator, Expert Court Witness and Mediator.

She has worked with children, teens and families with various issues for more than a decade providing counseling and Mediation services.

She has helped divorcing parties, family, and friends negotiate conflicts into settlements.She has experience counseling victims and offenders of domestic violence.

Candis is also a certified Special Education teacher in the state of Texas and an Autism Specialist.

She has nearly two decades of training in Behavioral Modification Therapy and Applied Behavioral Analysis to teach and help those with Autism.

Candis Firchau

Experienced in High Conflict cases

Licensed Professional Counselor & Professional Mediator

Our Mission

At Candis Firchau Counseling & Mediation, our mission is simple: to help you find effective solutions.

Our Pledge

We here at Candis Firchau Counseling & Mediation pledge to treat you, our client, with individual respect and empathy

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