There is power in moving forward

Learning to Grow where you are planted.

Finding light at the end of the tunnel

Candis Firchau Counseling & Mediation offers various Counseling and 

Professional Mediation services.  


Mediation and Advanced Mediation Services

Settle out of court. Candis Firchau is a neutral that helps individuals move past their disagreements into mutually agreeable settlements. These services are offered for those divorcing who want to save money and hold onto their assesses as they divide and move forward.




                                                            All will find our service confidential, professional and most of all, helpful in their personal                                              growth. Our convenient location in the heart of Cypress will allow clients to                                                                         maximize their time without long travel times.

                                                            Serving: Couples, Families, individuals, teens, children, those with ADHD, ASD,